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find out how to 



attract new fans and increase attendance

Provide a NEW experience fans can't get anywhere else!

Our goal: Put more butts in seats!

Your opportunity:

  • Attract more fans, especially those of the "tech" generation.

  • Engage fans with immersive technology.

  • Develop a stronger fan connection with players/artist.

  • Give spectators a perspective they've never had before.

  • Captive audience for advertising messaging.

  • Upsell first person experience and generate added revenue.

Hearing staggering statistics of declining revenue, unsold seats, and the demand for increased fan engagement tells us that sports fans of today are not content with JUST watching their favorite sports.


They hunger for something more.


We think we've cracked the code!

Our Co-Founders and team members have background in First Person View (FPV) drone racing, which uses the onboard cameras and radio frequency technology we have perfected and adapted to our live-feed first person experience.

Our technology has been tested and proven in the hockey arena, but can be applied to any helmet sport and soon, with our tech advancements, to any (dry) sport or other live event. 

Our tech does something that GoPro® doesn't - live video feed with ZERO DELAY. Having no lag, means that fans can be the player during the live action and is enhanced even more when they wear the virtual reality goggles! They can experience the adrenaline of blocking a goal, hitting a home run, and executing a play while hearing, smelling, feeling the crowed reactions. 

We are thinking beyond sports....

Emergency responders can check in on their crew who may be in dangerous situations, or make sure they are assessing a situation correctly by seeing what they see in real-time.

Concert goers that have the "nose-bleed" seats will pay extra to be transported to the front row or even on stage with their idol with zero video lag.

Offering this revolutionary visual experience that feels like a video game attracts new fans and gives them a reason to attend the live event. Can you see why we are so excited about this tech!?!


It is the answer to selling more tickets, attracting the elusive Millennial generation, and keeping fans engaged at the event.

We would love to come demo our live video tech for you and only ask that you share in our travel expenses if applicable. A small price to pay to be on the cutting edge of digital technology solving the declining spectator attendance puzzle. Contact one of our team members today! No obligation let’s have a conversation…

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